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Mrs. Hippie - Lotus

Alright but not good. - 79%

grimdoom, July 10th, 2009

What do you get when you take the mixture of one part Heavy Metal, one part Biker Rock and one part Stoner? Mrs. Hippie is what you get and as odd as that combination sounds, it works oddly well.

Whether or not you can consider this a ghost from Joacim's past is purely at the discretion of the listener. The production is a little muddy and strangely adds to the "spaced out" vibe that the instruments put off. According to the liner notes, this was a pre-Hammerfall project that played a few times and then disbanded with the three members heading off into different areas. It was released via Joacim's record label more as an after thought than anything else.

The guitars are very grungy and dirty. Fuzzy crossed with a less distorted over drive is the only way to describe it. They are original but the lack of bottom end does get trying after a while. There are a few solos and a few leads. There are more open chorded parts to palm muted ones taking away the heaviness that could've been there.

The bass mostly follows the guitars and occasionally does something interesting. The drums are very Rock/Fusion, but a little more relaxed than you'd expect given their delivery.

The vocals are both counter productive and dead on at the same time. Joacim was an interesting choice for this and his waling voice does much to bolster the power of the songs. At the same time however, its like trying to put a square peg in a round hole as its almost over kill for what they're trying to accomplish. The lyrics are a bit abstract and not very engaging.

This is really an odd ball recording akin to the second album by The Blood Divine. Except Mrs. Hippie isn't a modern take on the 1960's flower power sound. Its bar, background music at its worst, and decent travel music at its best. This is for die hard Joacim fans alone as those bound to Hammerfall will undoubtedly be shocked at this gritty Hard Rock trio.