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Bungle Funk: It's Time To Masturbate! - 100%

Wacke, March 28th, 2008

I came into Mr. Bungle after I discovered the very talented Mike Patton in Faith No More and I just had to check out what Mr. Bungle was. I started with their debut which remains my favorite of the official albums by theirs but within time, I also got to hear their excellent demos. "OU818" is the best produced demo and also the last (except for the defenitely more infamous "Disco Volante" demos). I think it's safe to say that this is their most funky release ever. It has funky beats from the start until the end.

The opening track is an intro (sometimes called "OHUE818") with some weird keyboards and Mike Patton rap-style-talking something like "Yo! What's up, homz? Welcome to Mr. B's new demo!". "Squeeze Me Macaroni" is like a real fist-punch of funk in your face with it's fast playing and Patton's vocals that goes so fast that you can barely hear what he's singing. "Slowly Growing Deaf" is another very funky song and probably the one with most beat changes on the entire demo. "The Girls Of Porn" is really nice, I think I prefer this version here instead of the one on their debut because it really have this "porno feeling" in it. It doesn't get less sex related when Patton at some point is saying "It's time to masturbate". "Love Is A Fist" and "Mr. Nice Guy" are defenitely my favorites here and "Mr. Nice Guy" together with "Pink Cigarette" from "California" is maybe the 2 best songs by them, ever. "Mr. Nice Guy" also has a totally excellent guitar solo by Trey Spruance and at it's end it's like the melody is taken from a TV-game (maybe "Super Mario Bros.").

The production is like I mentioned before, the best on of their demos and it's actually really good too. It's recorded with a 16-tracks tape recorder as it's mentioned in the album cover and Patton's also saying that it is 16-tracks in "Intro/OHUE818". The demo sounds very much like their debut album and track 2-5 would later be re-recorded for their debut as well. For being a demo, the production is awesome. It's better than a lot of official metal albums that came in the late 80's.

The cast is awesome but it's needed when you're up to this kind of music. To change beat every 15-second to a totally different one can be hard so it needs to be some experienced musicians and Mr. Bungle is full of them. Mike Patton is awesome and it doesn't matter what he does, it always turns out great.

So finally to my last comments on "OU818"....

This is my favorite Mr. Bungle release and I give it full rating since I really like this one. There's nothing like Mr. Bungle in the whole wide world and that's making them so awesome. I would love 'em if they put their demos together in a package and re-released it on CD since it's only aviable on a now rare cassette or free download at their website. Only time will tell.

I strongly recommend this excellent demo for fans of funk metal. If you really like Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Infectious Grooves, then I guess that you'll love this demo. If you don't like funk, then I think you should give it a listen anyway because I garantee you that you've never heard anything like this and never will if you don't take a listen. It's your choice if you want to enjoy some great music or not!