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Some good, but at it's core, really awful crap. - 40%

TallManPhantasm, May 25th, 2007

Mr. Bungle was Mike Patton's first band, before any of the crazy stuff like Fantomas. This is their first full length, and a majority of this is pretty bad. No, really bad. Nothing is played really great, and it gets annoying after a while. Avante-garde metal is actually a genre that has a lot of good stuff in it, but it has a fair share of music like this album.

A lot of the music on this album is basically just really horrible ska/funk/metal hybrid. "Love is a Fist" and "Dead Goon" are probably two of the worst songs I've ever heard. It's just really gay sounding ska. Another problem with the songs on here is that almost all of them have some stupid samples from a TV show (or something like that) at the end. The song "Egg" is 11 minutes long, but only about 6 minutes of it is music. The last 5 minutes is just a bunch of weird noise samples and silence.

There is some good stuff to be found on here though, such as the bassline for the song "Squeeze Me Macaroni" and the horn sections in the song "The Girls of Porn". There's only one song on here that manages not to suck at all, which would be the great metal song "My Ass is on Fire". It has some great heavy sounding guitar and some excellent vocals. That's another thing on this album that's really not that good. Mike Patton switches the vocals up a lot, (going from clean singing to singing with some weird-ass voice) and it gets annoying pretty quickly. That's pretty much what this whole album is. Annoying.

Yep, overall this album is a mess of bad music and stupid samples. The highlites on this would have to be "Squeeze Me Macaroni", "Carousel", "My Ass is on Fire" and "The Girls of Porn". If you want some decent Bungle, check out California.