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Great Album - 90%

Madman, August 14th, 2003

Mr. Bungle was Mike Patton's first showcase for utter weirdness. Faith No More helped him become a big name so that he could release weird stuff like Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, and his solo albums. If anyone has listened to Faith No More and is now looking to check out other Patton projects I would say the first thing you need to do is completely forget any preconceptions you have about music.

Mr. Bungle is all over the place when it comes to styles. In one song they can jump from being in a kind of weird rock groove into an atmospheric piece with crooning vocals and then into some funk piece. The band goes all over the place and doesn't worry about what they SHOULD do but just do whatever they want throwing standard convention away to create some seriously fucked up music.

Songs like "Quote Unquote", "Slowly Growing Deaf", "Squeeze Me Macaroni", "My Ass is on Fire", and "The Girls of Porn" best showcase the band's always spastic sound. "Slowly Growing Deaf" and "My Ass is on Fire" are probably the most "metal" songs here. The song "Squeeze Me Macaroni" is hilarious the first time you hear it and read the lyrics at the same time. All the lyrics are sexual innuendos using food and Mike Patton says the lyrics so fast during the verse that it's almost impossible to follow long. The whole song fits into this kind of funk/jazz package, being one of the more straight forward songs the band has on this album along with "The Girls of Porn". The song "The Girls of Porn" is almost a jazzy crooning song but lyrically it's about pornography. The rest of the album is stuck in this weirdness with everchanging songs and weird lyrics.

Despite the fact the album is utterly weird it's actually amazingly memorable. Mike Patton is a great vocalist and musically you won't forget any of the pieces on the album. This is the main strength of this band, as weird as they get the songs are always memorable. Which is weird in itself, you woudn't expect music so odd to be catchy, but it is! Definitely a must buy if you want to hear a band that did something really different and was actually good at it.