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Diversity personified - 95%

Kanwvlf, July 26th, 2004

Wow, where to start with this album. This really is some diverse music, never really sticking to one genre, even in the same song. Also combining this diversity with hilarity in the lyrics, and a good slab of general seriousness, too.

All the instruments played on here are amazing. The guitars are incredibly focused, unlike the demos. They now seem like they know what they're doing, playing as just the right times. The bass is absolutely amazing, being played in almost every way possible. The drums don't seem to get much of a mention in the music, but they're there backing everything up in their own special way.

Mike's voice on here has so many different ranges. This is most likely the album that gave him the foothold of being one of the most diverse, and greatest vocalists of all time. Songs like Squeeze Me Macaroni (the sheer speed), and The Girls Of Porn (so many different personas in one song), show off his pure skill and genius.

There are also plenty of soundclips on here, ranging from the original Super Mario Bros. to all of the band sneaking a ride on a train, and lots of stuff inbetween. The best soundclips are, of course, on the best song, The Girls Of Porn. Starting with a hilarious introduction, and then bursting into Mr. Bungle's best song. With constant soundclips throughout the song, usually involving something to do with porn, of course. Also, I believe on this song, Mike shows off some of his best personas, especially in the breakdown section, where he uses so many different voices in a short space of time. It's particularly amazing that it works.

Also, almost every song on here is really catchy, especially Squeeze Me Macaroni (which is an absolute blast), and Carousel. The guitars really add the catchy effect to the songs, getting the riffs and melodies stuck in your head.

This really is a must-own album, and if you haven't got it, you should go out right now and buy it.