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Too drunk for whatever - 81%

ashvalkyrie, November 11th, 2013

I first stumbled upon these guys a few months back while I was using the “find music” tool on As I was browsing through random garage stoner bands, Mozergush came on and it kind of grabbed my attention. The song featured was “Too Drunk To Die” and it really got me hooked, so I decided to check out their first full-length, Fairytale Alcotrips.

The biggest plus of this album is definitely the guitar work. While no technical Everest, it really achieves what it is supposed to. The riffs are heavy and catchy, and some of them tend to stick in your brain like glue, and you will find yourself humming along after the second listen. The songs are comprised of 2 or 3 riffs and a solo (with the exception of “Mazatec”, which is somewhat of an interlude). The guitar approach kind of reminds me of England’s Conan – not in sheer heaviness and brutality, but rather in how the riffs sound like a hammer, constantly beating on an anvil; like a nail being hit and buried deeper and deeper in your brain. Depending on your mood, this can be both positive and negative, as it can get a bit repetitive.

What I really like is that the riffs and solos are both multi-layered – they are the foundation, but there is so much more to the whole thing. If you really listen closely, you hear all those little twists and melodies behind the main riff, much akin to Electric Wizard’s “Come My Fanatics” (listen to the solo in “Son Of Nothing” on earphones or good speakers and you will see what I mean). This really compensates the occasional repetitiveness, as it really keeps the listener busy, so to say.

“Shoplifers” and “Too Drunk To Die” are the odd pieces on this record, as they do not follow the common stoner doom formula “slow and heavy”. “Shoplifters” is really groovy track with some pretty good drum fills and rolls, it actually sounds like Helmet if you ask me. “Too Drunk To Die” starts slowly, with some repetitive guitar work, before exploding into easily the most catchy riff on the whole album.

As the biggest downside of the album, I’d definitely point out the vocals. First off, there isn’t much of them (meaning there isn’t a whole lot of singing going on). Furthermore, on almost all of the songs they are way back there in the mix, drowned by the guitars and drums, It almost sounds like the guy is in a quicksand and you can’t hear him. They are not inherently bad, from what I can hear, but there’s definitely room for improvement. I, personally, would also be happier if the bass were more prominent, because as it is now, it is not doing anything all that interesting; on certain songs it can barely be heard. The last negative remark I have is that the last track, Death Chess, which serves as the outro, could have been shortened a bit, as it is 9 minutes of random ambient noises, it got downright annoying for me.

The overall feeling this album conveys is that you are totally wasted (drugs or booze, your pick), just laying there on the ground, not giving a fuck, while the world goes by. All in all a pretty good debut album by these guys, definitely worth checking out for fans of the genre.