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One of the best of 2002 - 93%

PainMiseryDeath, July 9th, 2004

As far as melodic death metal releases for 2002 go, this one is among the best. Mouring Caress play a unique brand of metal that at times remind me of Down or Frozen-era Sentenced. Mouring Caress is predominantly heavier than Sentenced though. They seem to have an almost similar death/doom feel to their songs, but unlike Sentenced, Mourning Caress use more melody, and they have some fantastic harsh vocals, rather than clean vocals. They are high pitched rhaspy/growled vocals and as much as I don't want to say it, (dont anyone jump to conclusions before actually hearing this band), it's almost a hardcore tinged scream sort of a voice. It's still unlike anyone elses though, and it's a highpoint of Mouring Caress sound.

So the first full length from this band actually has 4 rerecorded songs from the Perspectives EP, which are: Towards The Decline of Existence, Dead Rose Romance, Hope Dies At Last, and A Lifeless Time, beefed up of course. The production is great on this cd, everything stands out and I wouldn't have asked them to change anything about it.

Mourning Caress pours out heaps of catchy leads and riff after riff after riff of melodic death metal bliss. The drums are usually medium paced, but sometimes they speed up to do the whole double bass drum thing. The songs themselves never get too fast, staying around the mid paced mark. When the guitars slow down (with or without distortion), is sometimes when the drumming will get fast, creating a nice feel to keep things interesting.

A great cd that should not be overlooked, Mourning Caress produce zero minutes and zero seconds of boringness on this album. You need to hear this album weather or not you enjoy melodic death/doom. The standout track is unquestionably I Follow the Rain.