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Best so far! - 100%

grimdoom, May 31st, 2008

After three long and torturous years of waiting for a new album the Irish Doomsters Mourning Beloveth finally saw it fit to bestow upon their fans with a new and amazing album. This is by far the bands best effort to date as it breaks the monotonous mold of the prior three albums venturing into new and wondrous territories.

The production is solid, slightly better than ‘A Murderous Circus’ and brings out the pain and suffering in every note. The guitars are heavy, monstrous and surprisingly epic. The leads and rhythms are noticeably different from the bands original style all the while staying true to their sound. There is the bands crunchiest CD yet and it doesn’t take away from the long, drawn out dirges that we’re used to.

The bass is ominous and plodding. It follows the guitars a bit much however. The drums sound amazing. They are even more expressive and help to lay a new foundation for what would have otherwise been a tired formula.

The vocals range from clean spoken and sung to Darren’s usual growls/shrieks. The cleans are outstanding as Frank really goes above and beyond his typical midrange wailing to show us that he does in fact have a surprisingly good high range. Darren uses less of his spoken words and more or less goes for his typical growls.

As the album opens its apparent that this isn’t your typical MB release. The newest addition to the band has certainly added a new dimension to the band that would have otherwise been lost. This album, like all their albums, is faster than the last, in saying that, it’s still very much a Doomdeath album, just varied. There are surprises around every turn, nothing is expected.

This album is loaded with epic atmosphere and perhaps less emphasis on the sorrow of the prior releases. This isn’t to say that it’s a happy romp through the fields of Power Metal bliss, but rather it’s a new interpretation of the bands already original sound. This is something that all doomsters should own. Highly recommended.