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Slow deconstruction - 60%

fishbrain, May 2nd, 2008

The Irish Mourning Beloveth are back 3 years after A Murderous Circus to offer us a fourth opus of Death Doom as bleak as cold: A Disease Of The Ages. This album was recorded in Studio E with Markus Stock and released on the label Grau Records (Prophecy Productions). An album of melancholy unparalleled fade to a death.

A Disease Of The Ages spreading an heavy and intense atmosphere that face its auditor to its own demons. Indeed, the death voice of Darren Moore joined with instruments gives a melancholy without a name: an atmosphere charged with negative emotions. This atmosphere is perfect theme of this latest opus which is the slow deconstruction of the body and mind with time.

This album begins with The Sickness as a long introduction to the human deconstruction. We can find a blend between Death vocal by Darren Moore and Heavy vocal by Frank Brennan. Followed then by Trace Decay, a title that containing the same atmosphere of depression and slowness with the same mixture of songs. We can find slow passages and others slower than first! Primeval Rush appears as a redemptive time, a moment of solitude to let us walk in our thoughts, giving the impression that time slowed until half of the title and then accelerate before a last period of slowness. The Burning Man wants to be in the same vein as the first two titles with its heavy and dull repetitive sounds. A Disease Of The Ages ends with Poison Beyond All. Like the rest of the album, we are almost entitled to static but pale sounds too.

A Disease Of The Ages is the first album of Mourning Beloveth where we can hear Brendan Roche on bass, all doesn’t contains female voice or keyboard, just pure Death Doom of melancholy and sadness. The style is slow as it should be to any good Doom album self-respecting, but the melodies are rather repetitive. The style and originality are not enough depth, which can seem boring. The fans will find still their behalf.

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