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Mourning Beloverth made me DOOM it! - 84%

Matty_The_Emo_Slayer, July 10th, 2008

Mourning Beloveth- A Disease For The Ages

Rare is it to find a Death/Doom band that fits both those tags fully rather than taking the easy option of adding death growls to the dirge, the road taken by the likes of Officium Triste and Swallow The Sun. Not only does vocalist Darren’s spitting of the suffocating (and often horrifically brutal) lyrics, redolent of his past in Irish Death Metal legends Morphosis, prove their salt as a Death Metal band but it augments their melancholy Doom stomp. Also listen out for the double kick towards the end of the album’s standout track “Primeval Rush” for confirmation of their Death Metal heritage. Put simply this will interest as many fans of Obituary as it will of My Dying Bride. The distilling of Death Metal’s brutality does mean a distinct lack of gothic lyrics and floating melodies that bands of this genre often utilise in abundance but this is no bad thing and it allows the band to focus fully on the snail-paced stampede of crushing riffs and melancholy that punish the listeners’ ears across 5 funeral marches over 55 minutes. Not for the impatient and faint of heart; you’ll be begging for comfort in the form of some clean lyrics before long and when they arrive in the shape of guitarist Frank’s mournful and anguished cries you’ll find them every bit as uncompromising as the rest of this infernal dirge of a record.

Ok, so diversity may not be Mourning Beloveth’s middle name, most of the 5 songs showing little variation of riffs and quite rigid structures but this only adds to the discomfort laced hauntingly with beauty and that is after all, what Doom should be about. However good a record this is however, it is by no means a classic of the genre, and with Mourning Beloveth’s stellar back catalogue in mind it could have been better had they taken a few more risks. As a band on the periphery of breaking into greater spheres and establishing themselves more fully, Mourning Beloveth really ought to be making great records, not merely good records. If you can’t get enough of uncompromising Doom with planet-heavy riffs played slower than a granny with osteoporosis and melancholic vocals baying about the effects of heroin addiction then this is for you. But if you’re strapped for cash then maybe you ought to go for the new Graveyard Dirt EP instead.

Originally printed in Northern Blaze zine issue # 1; reproduced here with express permission of the editor.