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It has the power of darkness - 89%

HEADTHRASHER, March 26th, 2006

Quite eclectic Death Metal, combines several styles of the genre, Brutal, Grind, Melodic, Old School, Gore. The first theme is "Impending Doom", title of the SADISTIC INTENT’s jewel, that begins with an old man uttering apocalyptic sentences, it’s a very dark theme, with a stressed double bass that creates a Black Metal atmosphere, the voice of Mike goes that way also, more connected to the dark that to the death.

We follow with "Entormented Visions of Domination", faltering theme in the beginning, more modern than the first one but it obtains forcefulness as advances, the instruments sound qutite polished, good delivery of Death/Black Metal, it has the power of the dark, the voice of Mike Connors arrives per moments to a rotting of Gore cut, it’s very versatile, crude overall.

Quite corrosive is the third track "The ballad of Joel", very much work of instruments, it’s a theme with a dominant fast tempo but it has very creative changes, quite inspiriting and the best of this disc, very very interesting, de luxe Black/Death Metal!

Vomits and blood, “Destroying the Innocence" begins, perfect continuation of the killer "The ballad of Joel" (hey do not judge this song by its name, please), speed and forcefulness begin, fast subject, with fluidity in the combination of tempos, definitively the innocence of any living being would annihilate as soon this tyrant theme sounds.

We finished with "Embrace the Apocalypse", to only confirm the experience that has been to listen to this first work of MOURNING, a piece that the Black/Death lovers are going to consider important, definitively I must and I want to recommend it, after a lot of homosexual Black Metal as miserable Death Metal, this MCD is going to possess in a lethal way, your life is over!!!