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Let There Be Doom... - 89%

Nicodemix, October 14th, 2004

Once again, Worship deliver a masterful piece of funeral doom to us. "Let There Be Doom..." is on par with the material on their "Last tape before doomsday" demo. The song is typical of their style, very slow with a melody line accompanying a low B-tuned rhythm that creates a very good atmospheric funeral doom experience. I wish the production was a bit better. Its fairly subpar, but it isn't so bad that it detracts from the song itself.

The Mournful Congregation song "The Epitome of Men and Gods Alike" is also quite excellent, although I can't speak for how it compares to their other material. It is also funeral doom in style, but of a slightly more melodic variety. Well produced, I would have to say its the better track of the split. Contains a metal section, has an accoustic section and then finishes with another metal section. It has a nice solo that fits and closes the song well.

Verdict: Excellent split release. Worth shelling out the money for... if you can find it.