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Suicidal Masterpiece - 100%

Punk Studios99, March 29th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2011, CD, Osmose Productions

This album is Mournful Congregations best work to date. The tracks are extensive and the riffs are repetitive so they can be tedious for those who are not fans of this style of music, but for any fan of funeral doom this album is a must have. The production is clean and it provides the listener with an immensely heavy layer of guitars with pounding slow drums and deep growls. The album does have its lighter moments as well with tracks such as "The Bitter Veils of Solemnity" containing primarily all acoustic guitars and whispered vocals.

The instrumentation is slow and depressing but also somewhat technical. The guitars provide melodic leads over a thick layer of distorted guitars that can be complex at certain times. Damon Good interchanges between growls, whispers and spoken vocals that lead to a feeling of despair and coldness. Though spoken vocals styles may be not something that a person may expect from a metal album Good incorporates it for the overall feel and experience of the music. The drums on this album are loud and the bass sound is heavy which makes it very modern sounding and enjoyable to listen to.

Though The Book Of Kings is depressing it does have some very uplifting instrumentals throughout. Mainly the acoustic parts give off a hopeful atmosphere with their beautiful sound. This whole album consist of beautifully slow instrumentation. The highlight of this album from my experience is definitely the first track "The Catechism of Depression". The title perfectly describes this track. The composition is excellent and the coda will leave the listener feeling empty inside. The crushing riffs in the conclusion are flawless and of course depressingly heavy. This track does seem to outdo the other three tracks for me but the rest of the album still has strong instrumentation and heavy riffs that carry them along for a pleasing experience.

The Book of Kings with out a doubt gets a 100/100.