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Formula in Exercise - 61%

putrevomitory, July 10th, 2019

Like a bat out of hell? Like a motor-rip out of hades? I think the earlier expression outlines this release properly. The cover drips of a low quality graphite-art take on the Meatloaf release, by the name of the first paragraph mentioned here. As if releases with such kind of art running around wasn’t enough. By now it’s obvious the emphasis is on speed. For a further unnecessary clue-in, take with you the band name.

For their brand of satanic rock, Motor are not far from their claims. Traces of rock can be heard on the song Rattlesnake. Chiming in with a low-dub intro that is very rockish, before it is rewound to a cleaner, better-sounding electric guitar, making this riff reveal itself for the speed beast it is (and holy, shit, you can actually catch the computer error sound in the background at second 00:22, mistakenly captured). For one, this release is a stroll on formula, to the path of totality, by which it is set on. To deliver an adrenaline rush, wasted on copious amounts of metal, and mind-altering liquids.

It is a stereotypical thrasher’s forte. But when you get to the fineness of it, for a band like this, the thrash in it is a tad lost in the speed and heavy metal exaltations. A case which also rears its crude face in Alcohelldrugs – in that attention has to be paid to diffuse some elements. It took some shifts in their songwriting for their breed of speed metal (as well as their thrash moments) to sound this soft, as is rampant on Satanic Rock, with them being at their most thrash element at the song’s bridge before the singer leaps into a wail.

For its interesting approach in a done before amalgam, Motor are keen to overlay their genre crossings, mostly relegating speed to leads and solos. The kick-off track sets the speed onslaught premise, in a bid to outdrink the competition. So much for the allure of quietly enjoying a beer with long pregnant pauses to ensure the time passes along unnoticed. Drinking competitions ahoy! These are Germans after all. With Tornado, when the cymbals settle their dust, one gets a thrash version of Manilla Road’s (Vlad) The Impaler's first riff. The reminiscent administering stops at that, with the thundering bridge roaring under a heavy metal rhythm. By now every high pitched scream ensues a heavy metal bridge.

The best tracks are the ones clocking the shortest time, although the band is cut out on formula. Tried and retried themes, speed leads underscored by thrash/heavy rhythms while sometimes drowning the bassist, and some drum takes to jump start some tracks. Behind the kit, Pulverizatör’s skill is blatantly laid to showcase, case in point being Dr. Steel, as he matches his mates’ swirling tempo all around the record. For an effort in formulaic (majorly) speed metal, it only falls short in being too repetitive, otherwise, it is for a biker’s thrill with little variety.