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Cheap boxset - 20%

Djaser, June 18th, 2006

This boxset includes the most successful albums of the classic Motörhead line-up: Overkill, Bomber, Ace of spades, Iron fist. For some reason their debut is missing. With the music itself is great but I will devote this small review only to the package, the albums would better be reviewed separately.

The albums come in a little carton box with an all right cover, the back lists all the albums with tracklists. It also says that Iron first is exclusive to this re-lease, funny... The cds are packed in thin paper LP imitations, with a paper sleeve (without pressings except for Iron Fist). Very fragile and looking cheep. Also included are little booklet without lyrics that gives a lame introduction to band and a sticker (!).
Don't expect the bonus tracks of the regular 'New Castle' releases here only the original songs are included.

This boxset was a disappointment due to it's cheap design, even more because the 'New Castle' re-releases are much better and not much more expensive when bought separately. This review server therefore as a warning for anyone who wants to buy this.

I have to give this boxset a 20% rating, and that's only for the sticker.