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Box to be buried with! - 91%

StillDeath, March 21st, 2005

Here we have a worthy artifact to take with you to the next life. Looking over the tracklist and the box, Motorhead throw in everything and the kitchen sink.

Pick your poison! The live disc is the one you are probably going to reach for first when you get this, if you are anything like me. Interesting tracks are Silver Machine - a song from Hawkwind days and Chuck Berry cover Nadine ( a "french name" - what the fuck?). The best performances and sound quality are Everything Louder as can be expected. As for bootleg quality tracks, there are a couple, they have their own charm of a rusty razor and audible enough to kick your ass, nekro style! The best of the 5 discs right here.

The other 4 discs mix studio versions with alternative takes, and BBC recordings. The track list is comprehensive, you get the good, the bad and the ugly. Just kidding, it's all good. Except for the Hawkwind stuff, which is a lot more tame and the contrast is startling at how big of a change a few years and new line up can make for Lemmy.

Now to the trimmings. The booklet is more like a book in content with insightful bio of Motorhead history and a crapload of album, singles and best-ofs covers, along with brief notes on the singles. Every studio and live album gets a more comprehensive treatment with tracklist and line-up, re-release info and even newspaper review articles ("gnarly!" reads one of the headlines haha). There are also promotional posters, pictures and articles on the band, hand -written setlists and even a family tree. It is a crapload of what you ever wanted to know, and a heap on top of that of what you didn't. There is also a lame poster included in the box. The individual discs' covers are a surprise of sorts and I won't ruin it for you.

This box is a speed metalhead's dream, it is 6 hr 18 mins of sonic (and spinal) pleasure and torture at once. It is done in true Motorhead style, meaning crammed to the brim. Stop drooling over it, get it if you haven't already.