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What’s up motherfucker? I think I call your bluff! - 85%

Warpig, May 27th, 2004

Sometime musicians have a great misconception about their own albums or songs, and Mikkey Dee seems to be no exception, as he recently called this album in an interview "a little weaker". Well, Mr. Dee... I beg to differ!

The low points:

“Night Side” (Mikkey Dee: "Our worst song ever") and “Dogs Of War” (best described as “Over Your Shoulder Pt.II” - I didn’t like the “original” and I don’t like the “sequel”).

The good ones:

“Better Off Dead” (a fast one and the closer of the album), “Snake Bite Love” (I love the “Don’t tread on him when he’s around”-part) and “Assassin”: This is “Sacrifice Pt.II”, and although the differences between those two songs are marginal, “Sacrifice” probably would have made it into the next category, simply because I listen to it more often. Note: I think Lemmy has never sounded more pissed than when he shouts “Assassin! Assassin! Assassin! Assassin!”

The highlights:

“Love For Sale”: Just a great mid-tempo track and probably the perfect opener to get into gear.

“Take The Blame”: A double-bass monster with mid-tempo break and ending, and I think the only time Motörhead made use of a Hammond organ. One of my all-time Motörhead favourites (but there are still a few more to come).

“Dead And Gone”: Motörhead haven’t done many ballads, but when they do they are nearly unbeatable - and this track is no exception. I’ve listened to this song MANY times and it still gives me the creeps.

“Don't Lie To Me”: One of the best Motörhead-“Boogies” ever (and most reminiscent of "Don't Waste Your Time" and “Going To Brazil”).

“Joy Of Labour”: It seems that I am one of the very few who like this song. This is definitely not a typical Motörhead tune, and although it’s heavy as fuck, the pre-chorus adds a little sadness to it and changes the mood of the whole song - and that mixture is what makes this track a masterpiece. Note: Although Lemmy frequently uses his bass like a rhythm guitar it has never been more noticeable than here.

“Desperate For You”: Another quite fast one. I just realized that Motörhead really hit the gas on this album, i.e. if you’re into their fast songs, you’ll certainly get your money worth.

This album is actually something like Sacrifice Part II, not just because of the similarity of a few songs, but also the (raw) production, so if you liked Sacrifice (or Motörhead in general, of course) I think you must have this one!