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A Stonker!!! - 95%

theboycopeland, September 25th, 2002

Motorhead marched on through the 90s releasing yet another ripsnorter of a long player in 1996. Top quality rockin' tunes abound in this ferocious assault on the senses. "Civil War" kicks off the procedings and in usual Motorhead style the opening track is heavy as hell. For me though, the album truly comes to life with the 2nd song, the bluesy "Crazy Like A Fox" complete with furious Phil Campbell riffs and an all too brief Lemmy harmonica solo. He really should play that thing more on their CDs. Next up is "I Don't Believe A Word" which contains arguably Lemmy's greatest and deepest lyrics. It's a slow pased number with haunting vocals and a powerful chorus, not forgetting the doomy bass solo intro.
"Eat The Gun" is a sarcastic rant against America's mental gun laws and the title track is now a live staple and a bonafide Motorhead classic. "Love Can't Buy You Money" deals with the issue of greedy fuckers pretending to be your friend to get in on your cash . "Broken" is another popular live tune, "Them Not Me" is a very funny dig at those who gain pleasure from the misfortune of others and "Murder Show" deals with pretty much the same subject but without the humour.
The last two songs are among the best on the album "Shake The World" is one of the heaviest tracks you'll hear. Reminiscent of "Orgasmatron" and easily as good. The album then closes with the excellent "Listen To Your Heart". It's quite a poppy tune by Motorhead's standards but that shouldn't put you off. It's almost as if this track is the answer to the problems described through most of the other songs.

A masterpiece. Almost as good as "Bastards" but not quite.