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Rock Out!! - 95%

mereimage99, September 2nd, 2008

Well, Motorhead has done it again (like there was any doubt). This album is stock-full of old and new Motorhead alike; with lyrics that only Lemmy can make work. If you like Motorhead, you are going to fucking love this album and if you haven't really picked up a Motorhead album in awhile (or ever), then I suggest you fucking do so. You will not be disappointed.

As for the album, the production is top notch, Lemmy's voice feels fresh and unstoppable, the guitars and bass are perfect, and what can I say about Mikkey...this guy is fucking awesome; perfect for Motorhead. As usual, there is some heavy bass influence here (shocking, I know), especially on Teach You How To Sing The Blues. Most of the guitar work is actually done by Lemmy on the bass. There is even some old school shit in here (for you guys that love Overkill, etc.). Rock Out is the perfect example of this. Also, the choruses are classic Motorhead sing-along choruses. They are strong and each track on this disc has a memorable one. What can I say? They're perfect.

This album is quite diverse, as well. With songs like English Rose (that reminds me of the Another Perfect Day album), Heroes, The Time Is Right, and The Thousand Names Of God (all which remind me of the newer albums like Hammered and We Are Motorhead). There are some heavy tracks here (like the opening track) but nothing too intense like the guys did on the Inferno album.

I'm not going to lie here, this album has given me a new boost for Motorhead. There is not a single weak track here and the lyrical content is the usual feel-good sex, booze, ladies, and rock-n-roll that you expect from Lemmy. Of course, there is the occasional war/soldier song (the track Heroes fits in this category). Overall, this album fucking rocks. Leave a permanent spot open in your CD player and keep your IPod on Motorizer, because if you're a die-hard Motorhead like me, this baby's going to be spining for awhile.