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Just like “Kiss Of Death”... - 87%

Warpig, September 28th, 2008

Just like "Kiss Of Death"...
...this album starts off with 3 really good songs, but the first true highlight is song number four. I have to say though that the KOD - songs are just a little stronger, which also means that although "Rock Out" (including a (probably copyrighted) bass - intro by Mr. Kilmister) is a fantastic song, it's not quite an all-time classic like KOD's "Trigger".

Just like on "Kiss Of Death"...
...the fifth song is probably the weakest track on the album. Although "One Short Life" (which even sounds like "Under The Gun") is an above average song, it's still the low point of "Motörizer".

Unlike "Kiss Of Death"...
...this album doesn't include a ballad, which, considering my affinity for Motörhead - ballads, is more than sad.

Unlike "Kiss Of Death"...
...the second half of "Motörizer" basically consists of hits only: "Time Is Right", the driving "Buried Alive", which sounds like a slightly slowed down version of "Red Raw" (from 2002's "Hammered"), the "Damage Case"-like "Back On The Chain", the anti-war hymn "Heroes" (which could become Saxon's second "Crusader", in case they should ever decide to cover it...) and, finally, Lemmy's favourite "The Thousand Names Of God".

Just like on "Kiss Of Death"...
...the most melodic track is not only one of the best tracks on the album, it's one of the best Motörhead tracks ever, plus (see the above-mentioned similarities between "Under The Gun" and "One Short Life") "English Rose" is highly reminiscent of its KOD - counterpart "Christine".

Just like on "Kiss Of Death"...
...(and "Inferno") this album was produced by Cameron Webb, which is great, because he did a fantastic job again, but on the other hand the charm and the uniqueness of each Motörhead album is also very much due to the different producers who have worked for Lemmy & Co. over the years. Therefore I think my favourite three-piece should consider a change of producers for the next album before they are in danger of becoming too predictable.

"Motörizer" is not quite the milestone that "Inferno" was, but it is better than its (doubtless good) predecessor "Kiss Of Death" (especially the second half of the album is exceptionally strong) and shows this band in impressive form - on their twentieth studio album! I'm impressed!