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A Good One And A Bad One - 82%

Warpig, October 2nd, 2006

Motörhead have never been able to record two good albums back-to-back (the only exception being 1983’s “Another Perfect Day” and 1986’s “Orgasmatron”). Maybe the reason for this “anomaly” was the fact that these were the only two consecutive Motörhead - albums that were recorded by two completely different line-ups (apart from Lemmy, of course).

On the basis of this theory after 2004’s fantastic “Inferno” it was time for a “bad” album. Of course this is pretty misleading as this is a really good album, but compared to the 93% I would have given “Inferno” there is a difference of 11%, and this is quite a lot in that high range.

Therefore I have to say that Lemmy is wrong when he claims that "It's better than 'Inferno'… It's better songs, better arrangements and a better performance from me vocally, and a better performance from Phil Campbell on the guitar; he plays great on the songs."

It’s true, however, that Phil’s guitar playing and Lemmy’s vocal performance are great, but I don’t think they are better than their work on “Inferno”. The Cameron Webb - production of “Kiss Of Death” is not even similar to the production on “Inferno” but it’s identical, and therefore the only difference between these two albums is the quality of the songs.

“Kiss Of Death” is full of good songs, but if you compare both albums as a whole “Inferno” always seems to be one step ahead, as the songs seem to be that little bit stronger, plus “Inferno” did not contain even one filler, while “Kiss Of Death” contains a few songs I usually skip, e.g. “Under The Gun” (good pre-chorus though) or the “Sacrifice”-styled “Kingdom Of The Worm”.

Of course “Kiss Of Death” has its share of potential classics, just listen to the choruses of “Trigger” and “Christine” (you can’t get any better than that) or “God Was Never On Your Side” - Motörhead-ballad number 8, and a masterpiece just like the previous 7!

Last but not least, I will never understand Motörhead’s criteria for choosing a particular song for a video. “Life’s A Bitch” was an odd choice, to say the least (this would actually have been the last song I would have chosen from “Inferno”), and this time they did it again by choosing “Be My Baby” for the video.

“Kiss Of Death” is so similar to “Inferno” that it can be seen as a sequel. So if you liked “Inferno” you can’t do anything wrong by purchasing this one as well, but if you have to choose only one of them “Inferno” is the one to get!