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I've Been a Slut All My Life - 75%

Twisted_Psychology, April 1st, 2010

2004's "Inferno" wasn't exactly a mainstream breakthrough but it did seem to give the band a bit of exposure that it hadn't seen in a while. It was the first Motorhead album that I'd ever heard and left me along with many other fans curious to see what the band would follow it up with. Thankfully this 2006 effort manages to provide another batch of material.

While "Inferno" may be the heaviest album that Motorhead has ever put out, this album seems to have more in common with "Overkill" and reflects some particularly bluesy influences. The riffs still kick a good deal of ass and Lemmy's vocals are as excellent as always, but there is a somewhat lazy feel to the band's execution and song structures. This album also features cameos by Poison guitarist CC Deville and Alice In Chains/Ozzy Osbourne bassist Michael Inez, though they're not that noticeable...

The songs are also pretty diverse for a band that is accused of having written the same album eighteen times. You've got some faster anthems ("Sucker," "Trigger," "Sword of Glory"), upbeat rockers ("One Night Stand," "Devil I Know," "Christine," etc.), mid-tempo tracks ("Under The Gun," "Living In The Past," "Kingdom of the Worm," etc.), and a rare acoustic ballad ("God Was Never On Your Side"). The latter track definitely stands out for its uniqueness and the sweet vocal performance but there's something to be said for the pummeling "Sucker," the humorous "One Night Stand," and the interestingly sequenced "Trigger."

Lyrically, this album covers the same set of Motorhead subjects but it seems to serve as sorts to "Orgasmatron." "Devil I Know" and "Under the Gun" both make references to "Claw" while "Going Down" frequently makes mention to a certain "Dr. Rock." That and "Kingdom Of The Worm" seems to be one of Lemmy's attempts to rewrite that album's legendary title track...

All in all, this is a pretty good album though a noticeable step down from the awesomeness that was "Inferno." The band does seem to be on autopilot at times, but the songs are pretty solid and prove that Lemmy and his crew truly can piss excellence...

My Current Favorites:
"Sucker," "One Night Stand," "Trigger," "God Was Never On Your Side," and "Be My Baby"