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Awesome - 91%

MorbidPickle, September 17th, 2004

It's a typical Motorhead album. The sound is a little more polished, but other than that it sounds very similar to every other Motorhead album out there. Which is okay, they're one of the few bands that can actually get away with releasing the same album over and over again and yet still have something new to offer with each album. The first song to play on the album, "Terminal Show" is quite possibly my new favourite Motorhead track. The jaw-dropping solo during this song is performed by none other than guitar legend Steve Vai. Apparently Lemmy had run into him at a bar, and Vai decided to play on a couple songs. If you listen closely, you can notice Lemmy drop references to other classic Motorhead tracks, including "Stay Clean", "Eat the Rich" and the immortal "Ace of Spades", and the acoustic "Whorehouse Blues" at the end is very reminiscent of the track "1916". If you're a Motorhead fan, you should definitely check this out. In my opinion it's their best album yet.