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Kicks Ozzy's ass - 85%

thatcoltkid, June 9th, 2007

Here it is, the brain child of metal legends Lemmy and Ozzy... Before this song was release, Ozzy Osbourne released his own version of it which was nice and catchy and all... but really lacked the balls to make it a headbanger, especially a Motörheadbanger... so now Lemmy's having a crack at it.

From the verry beginning of that awesome, heavy, bassline you know that your head is in for some banging over the next 4 and a half minutes. Ozzy's voice in his version is very high and whiny and really tends to get on my nerves, but Lemmy's gruff voice in the verses really back up the heavy bassline that carries the song.

During the chorus the vocals become melodic and really sound weird at first with Lemmy's voice, and at first I actually preffered Ozzy singing the chorus but over time 'Head's version grew on me and I completely blocked Ozzy's version out of my life.

Now, enough about the Motörhead vs Ozzy comparison, onto the song itself:

As I already mentioned, the opening treats us to a really powerful bassline that lets you know it's about time to bang your head. Lemmy's vocals are as gruff and angry as ever at some points but occasionally it gets weirdly higher pitched which does tend to get annoying, the chorus is pretty melodic and very unMotörhead (again, this once an Ozzy song) but Lemmy's voice still kicks ass here, so still a winner. But my favourite aspect of the song here is the guitaring, it's not very prominant in the song, but the solo section and the breaks inbetween the verses and chorus are pretty basic but still kick ass.

All round a good song, far better than the original, but still not a Motörhead classic.