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Born to Raise Hell - 95%

lonerider, May 31st, 2006

“We’re Motörhead. We’re gonna kick your ass.” When Lemmy addresses the audience with these words, you know this is going to be one hell of a live album – even before the opener “Iron Fist” comes blasting through your speakers. Motörhead have a well-deserved reputation as outstanding live performers, so there shouldn’t be any doubt the guys will thoroughly deliver the goods on this one.

In fact, their performance on Everything Louder than Everyone Else is so good you have a hard time believing the band actually consists of only three people. Never during the course of the entire album, for instance, do you miss the presence of second guitarist – Lemmy and the boys play together so well that another six-stringer is simply not needed. Moreover, Lemmy uses his bass much like a rhythm guitar, effectively stuffing any “holes” in the band’s sound that would otherwise result from their only being a three-piece. Add the more than capable play of Phil Campbell, the jaw-dropping performance of drummer Mikkey Dee, who at one point during the show is referred to by Lemmy as “the best drummer in the world” (a statement that doesn’t seem pretentious at all), the great sound quality of the recording, and the smart song selection and you have all the pieces in place for a great live album.

Speaking of the recording quality, this sure isn’t another one of those fake “Unleashed in the Studio” deals, so if you want everything to sound as clean and perfect as on a studio recording, this probably isn’t your cup of tea. The sound on Everything Louder is, well, loud and quite raw, but it’s not in the least indistinct, i.e. you can still hear every instrument very clearly. All in all the sound quality is almost perfect for a Motörhead live album, and the fact that some minor on-stage screwups weren’t subsequently eliminated in the studio only adds to the authenticity that is so characteristic of this record. Just listen to Lemmy as his singing voice is gradually deserting him during “Killed by Death”… priceless!

Another plus is the way Lemmy’s interaction with the audience is captured on the live recording – there’s enough of it to convey an authentic concert atmosphere, yet it’s never overdone to a point where it would disturb the flow of the music. It also helps the atmosphere of the album that it was recorded entirely at the same venue in Hamburg, Germany, whereas many bands put out live albums consisting of songs that were recorded at lots of different venues. More often than not, such albums seem disjointed and artificial.

Finally, the song selection on Everything Louder leaves nothing to be desired, thanks to a very shrewd mix of older and newer songs (Snake Bite Love was their most recent studio album at the time). The great classics such as “Iron Fist,” “Bomber,” “Killed by Death,” “Orgasmatron,” or “Ace of Spades” are all here, as are lesser-known but equally amazing songs like “Burner” (now that’s what I call fast!), “Lost in the Ozone” (underrated semi-ballad featuring Lemmy trying to actually sing), “Nothing up My Sleeve,” or “Love for Sale.” Lemmy and the boys even play the songs with an extra amount of energy and speed as compared to their studio versions, which aren’t exactly slow either… It’s quite a blast to listen to them shredding through the set at light speed while still retaining flawless precision!

Motörhead were truly born to raise hell, and it shows on Everything Louder than Everyone Else. This is definitely worth your hard-earned money, so you’d better drag your butt to the nearest record store and get this, especially since it should be available at a very reasonable price.

Choicest cuts: Are you kidding me? All of them of course!

Guten abend motherfuckers... - 90%

a8o, November 21st, 2005

If you can stomach almost 2 hours of live Motorhead, you'll respect this record. From Lemmy's opening prophecy "We are Motorhead, we're gonna kick your arse" to the final false ending to "Overkill", this album sizzles. Lemmy, Phil Campbell and Micky Dee had been playing together over 15 years at this point and it shows. If you turn it up loud enough, everything swirls together and the music envelopes you.

It's all here, representing all the recognised and forgotten classics in the Motorhead arsenal - and there are many. Most bands would kill to call "Iron Fist" their song, Motorhead only get better from there, representing all their best tracks. If anything is truely representitive of the band, an album with the aforementioned tracks and "Stay Clean", "Civil War", "Burner", "Metropolis", "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch", "No Class", "Sacrifice", "Going to Brazil" and "Ace Of Spades" is the best way to introduce someone to the band.

...And a live album shows them that Lemmy speaks in his singing voice! No way!

Live, living and killing! - 100%

disastercasper, October 5th, 2004

The third (real) live-album from our still rocking Motörheadbangers, and another masterpiece! ‘No sleep ‘till Hammersmith’ and ‘No sleep at all’ already made a lot of impression on me and a lot of other fans, but this double CD may even surpass that high level.

What does Motörhead give us this time? The usual and even more: a high-quality live 2CD. The sound quality is most of the time pretty good and Lemmy’s voice and also the music are great, as we are used to of their live concerts.

If you are looking for a fast, hard and mercilessly rocking live masterpiece, then this is what you’re looking for. Motörhead shows a GREAT performance and I envy Hamburg for not having missed that concert. This is a must-have for all true Motörheadbangers and fully worth its 100 %, because it blows you away from beginning to end with no interruptions! Two final words: BUY NOW!

Tips: Everything, but especially ‘Lost in the Ozone’ and ‘Orgasmatron’

Everything Faster than Everyone Else - 99%

StillDeath, July 25th, 2003

"We are Motorhead ... and we are gonna kick your ass!" First of all a warning to people new to Motorhead. If you are thinking of buying your first record, after listening to this you will be disappointed with studio versions of the songs. The songs on this album are performed much faster than originals. The sound quality of recording is crisp and clear. It is slightly better quality than previous two live albums. The songs are reproduced perfectly without a glitch. The crowd noise is minimal. When the crowd can be heard it gives off an impression of a collective German headbanging orgy. The band is at their explosive best, they don't take a breather and just keep rolling accelerating as the concert progresses.

There are no bullshit 10 minute solos, no wankery, no medley's (Fuck you Metallica!). Just the songs as they were in the studio atr twice the speed and with an extra kick in the nuts in the form the sheer loudness of the recording. The track selection is right on the money, the selection is made for speed, for adrenaline, for all things Motorhead are famous for. More on selection a little later.

Motorhead explodes onto the stage with "Iron Fist". Somewhere in the middle of CD 1 the breaks are cut and just as you thought it cannot get any faster it blitzes past you in a roar of Heavy Metal frenzy. This stuff is pure VIAGRA for your ears, you cannot help yourself as your heart accelerates as your brain is pounded into little pieces by precision metal riffs. Your ears are going to orgasm, you are going to headbang and then your brain is going to cum again and again for the whole TWO FUCKING HOURS. Standouts on CD 1 - whole fucking thing.

The selection on both disks is smart as it gives listener exposure to a lot of new live material. It covers the two decades in good balance without favouring earlier or later released material. Some of the tracks that did not sound too well in the studio here come out as totally new material. Case being "Take the Blame", "Going to Brazil" and a few others. The only ballad on here "Lost in the Ozone", on this one Lemmy actually sings (!), and it feels like a cigarette after a mind-blowing fuck. "Lost in the Ozone" is the emotional side of Lemmy and the song just rips through your heart. Standouts on CD 2 - whole fucking thing.

As far as the score it is 99/100, only because it is "theoretically" possible to make a better live album although I have yet to hear one that tops this.