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Not the best idea to honor a legend - 60%

kluseba, June 26th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, UDR Music

''Clean Your Clock'' was probably released to honor late rock ' roll legend and Motörhead bassist and singer Lemmy. This last live album covers one of the band's last concerts recorded in Munich a little bit more than a month before Lemmy's death. It's already clearly audible that Lemmy is struggling here and very sick. It's admirable that he was still able to tour at this time. He gives his very best to play bass and perform vocals accurately on this release but he is sometimes lacking energy. His vocals have always been a little bit hoarse and mumbling but certain parts of the lyrics are nearly impossible to hear and to understand. It's simply saddening to hear and see this legendary artist that way and it would have been much better not to release this record to keep the memory of a juvenile and tight rock star instead of a sick old man who just wasn't able to stop performing when his health issues seriously impacted his abilities. If you want to see a more recent concert of the band where Lemmy was still in acceptable form, you should go for the two volumes of ''The Wörld Is Ours'' released five and four years prior to this output, respectively. If you simply want to listen to more recent material instead of watching one single show, the bonus live disc of the tour edition of ''Aftershock'' is also quite satisfactory.

Lemmy's declining health that becomes obvious in performances of songs like ''Orgasmatron'' isn't the only problem with this release. The crowd is rarely audible and an authentic live atmosphere is absent. In my opinion, the lengthy introduction, guitar solo and drum solo prove that the band already intended to give Lemmy longer breaks than usually during the last tours and while this makes perfect sense in the context, I must admit that these parts aren't particularly interesting to watch or listen to.

On a positive note, Lemmy really delivers an outstanding job if one considers how sick he really was. His bass play is solid, he doesn't forget any lyrics as far as they're audible to me and his interactions with the crowd are very sympathetic. The fact that he dedicates the song ''Doctor Rock'' to the band's deceased ex-drummer Philthy Animal is also a nice touch. The authentic and unpolished sound of this release fits the band. Especially the guitar play is really solid throughout the entire show concerning both the riffs and the solos. The set list is also quite good and includes both some of the band's greatest hits plus a few more recent tunes. Obviously, some people might argue that some classics are missing but at that point one shouldn't forget that it was already a miracle that the band was able to pull off this show. Let's also add that some of the stage decorations as during the opening tune ''Bomber'' look truly awesome.

Despite several positive points that make the final result tolerable, it would have been better to cancel this last live record and to release an older and more energizing show or a greatest hits compilation with a few bonus tracks instead. Only die-hard Motörhead fans should purchase this record. For anyone else, it's rather depressing to hear and see Lemmy in such a bad condition.