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Motorhead can be inconsistent - 57%

Estigia666, October 18th, 2003

I picked this album for one reason and one reason only: BURNER!! Masterful, tight, speed/thrash metal. Easily one of the best Motorhead songs from the 90s. 2 minutes and 52 seconds of pure fucking destruction you just can't live without.

With Motorhead having such a good streak of killer songs on the albums I heard before this, I thought the rest would be on par with the aforementioned song/slab of punishment.

But no.....

The problem of this album can be summed up in:

1) Lemmy's voice. It sounds just too jolly and happy for my taste, and with a gruff voice like his the last thing you wanna hear is THAT.

2) The songwriting itself. To name a few examples: "On your Feet on your knees" is just mediocre speed metal, "I'm your Man" almost sound like Soundgarden with grunted vocals, "Lost in the Ozone" begins like a Guns 'n Roses ballad and "Don't let Daddy Kiss me" is just an abomination of the worst nature. Not much like Ozzy's "So Tired", but, damn me, it pulled it's biggest effort to get on that sucking level.

"Born to Raise Hell". With such a title I thought "man, this is going to kick my ass bigtime". But no. Is just a rock 'n roll-ish number that, in itself, isn't bad, but is very lacky in terms of aggression.

And what the hell is up with "Devils"? I swear, the part at the end sounds EXACTLY like a song from the 80s I just can't remember from where it came. Sting? Beats me.

But the guitar tone kills. Too bad it can't save this album from total mediocrity.

One kickass song. The rest is either VERY mediocre, or just shite. Approach with caution.