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Not very Motorhead... Not very good either - 63%

trueMunchies, January 5th, 2009

Featuring Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy fame, and mind you I like Thin Lizzy, this album is very different from any other Motorhead album. It's much softer and melody driven than anything I've heard from Motorhead, while this works on some tracks, it sounds very out of place on others.

With Phil Lynott's emotional delivery and poetic songwriting, Robbo's idea of rock based on sweet melodies worked well, but Lemmy has a different kind of emotion to his voice, and a different ideology behind his band, one of "Turn it up loud and smash everything". Being the ultimate pub band, Motorhead rock hard, everyone in the band putting 110% of their energy together through the song, let the guitar man rip out some blazing biker solo once in a while, and keep going. There's rarely space in a Motorhead song for massive lead breaks and "Raise your lighters" anthemic melodies, sticking those just for the sake of it only brings down the intensity which makes Motorhead what they are.

Anyways, on to the songs. Back at the Funny Farm is the first one, and it is one of the songs which work rather well here, it has a nice and catchy melody and sounds just like that, Thin Lizzy's driving melodies with Motorhead's energy, very nice. Shine is another one of that style, only a bit weaker, it also sounds very vintage rock n roll for some reason.

Dancing on Your Grave is where the clash of styles is the most problematic to my ears, it is driven by a very sugary-poppy melody which sounds like it could of been on a Poison song. This doesn't sound good at all, especially with Lemmy singing over it. One of the few Motorhead songs I can't listen to.

One Track Mind also suffers from the problem of an overly sappy lead melody, it's also too damn long. Yeah, Robbo wanks a lot on this one, but that doesn't justify dragging it on for 6 minutes with that uninspired chorus, neither does it save it from being sleep inducingly boring. Motorhead's longer songs usually rely on some fast part somewhere that comes out of nowhere and kicks you just when you've been nodding off, here they tried to make it work by sticking some massive solo, and it doesn't work. Motorhead should not be sleeping music!

I Got Mine is one of the better results of the experimentation on this album. It starts off very poppy and melodic, and just as you're about to say fuck off and skip it turns cool and mean. It keeps on alternating between the poppy part and the heavy part just so the poppy part gets its hooks in you, but the song altogether doesn't come off as too poppy. Interesting, although a bit overlong.

Tales of Glory - typical speedy Motorhead. This song is actually not that notable, but these are the type of songs that should of been on the album, blunt, powerful and undeniably Motorhead, with a little touch of melody and some noodling from Robbo. Die You Bastard is similar, only the melodies on the chorus sound a little awkward.

Recommended tracks : Back at the Funny Farm, Shine, I Got Mine.

Average release, lots of failed experiments.