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If they still can't accept us, then fuck 'em! - 81%

StillDeath, March 8th, 2004

Another Perfect Day was recorded in between line up changes. This was a step into a softer and more artistic sound, but this is not Hair Rock we are talking about, this is Motorhead! Fear not, it has no chance of being confused with Helloween's “Chameleon”. It resembles one of Deep Purple’s albums a lot more. The speed is still there. “Shine” is one of the fastest tracks Motorhead have recorded.

“Dancing on your Grave” and “One Track Mind” have a slower bluesy feel. “Rock it“ is my favourite track, it is straight ahead rock n roll in the vein of “Going to Brazil”. The rest, while not as memorable are no filler and worth a listen.

As every Motorhead album, this has bonus songs. Mine has “Turn you round again” – the best of these, “ I’m your hoochie coochie man”, and “Don’t need religion”. They add to the length, but the quality is in the main album songs.

The title of the review comes from a quote in the liner notes about the album and the following tour. Apparently some fans at the time thought Motorhead have sold out!!! If only Metallica would put out an album of this quality every time they decide to experiment. As far as the album sleeve it has the works – photos, lyrics, notes and a comic.

If you want to check out the more diverse side of Motorhead pick this up. If you are looking for something to go nuts to, or to kill the neighbours lawn and to give their cat a social disorder look elsewhere.