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Overlooked and highly underrated 'Head - 93%

Satanwolf, March 23rd, 2007

"Another Perfect Day" is considered somewhat of an "odd" album in the Motorhead discography. The sole studio album to feature ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson, APD was condemned by critics at the time of it's release as a "sellout." Nothing could be farther from the truth, as the album is a mix of very heavy material, excellent musicianship and an unusual (for Motorhead) melodic twist.

Now I'll admit that the album cover art is not the best rendering of Snaggletooth, but musically this album has a lot of diversity to offer.
On the rockier side of things is album opener "Back at the Funny Farm," showing off a bit of the punk side of Motorhead. "One Track Mind" is a slow groover, similar in style to "Metropolis." Single "Shine" is a classic track and shows off Robertson's playing style well.

"I've Got Mine" is the true treasure from this album. I hesitate to call any Motorhead song "beautiful" but dammit, this is just a wonderful song. If you ever had any feelings for a woman you've got to relate to this. A very well-written song with great melodic riff, this is Robbo's moment to shred, and the extended solo at the end of the song shows the exceptional talent of this rather unstable guitarist. I love this song, but if anyone wanted to condemn the album as "AOR" this one would probably be their focal point. Personally I think a bit of melody in heavy metal, as long as it's not overdone, is a good thing.

And if anybody wants to say this album is not heavy I've got three words for them, "Die you Bastard!" This album-closer has the 'evil' Motorhead sound we all love, Lemmy cranks out the bass on this one. "Marching Off To War." is also on the heavier end of the spectrum here.

If you're a hardcore Motorbanger you already have this. If you've passed it up, don't be put off any longer by the criticisms you may have heard about this album or lineup. Enjoy this unusual but very exciting album album by the might Motorhead. I've got mine, now you go and get yours!