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‘I really like this jacket…’ - 99%

Acrobat, October 18th, 2008

Ah, ‘Another Perfect Day’ you odd and glimmering beast, Motörhead’s strangest and most unique album. ‘Another Perfect Day’ has all the drunken fury of Motörhead with a glowing melodic twist, complete with all sorts of shiny melodic twiddling from Robbo, ‘Another Perfect Day’ bursts forth with a vitality and vigour that was often missing in ‘Iron Fist’. Misunderstood and oft neglected, it was the ugly duckling of ‘head albums. The critics deemed it a “final nail in Motörhead’s coffin” and Robbo proceeded to act like a complete cunt on the following tour… but to the knowing, it’s one of the highpoints of their career.

One thing I must stress about ‘Another Perfect Day’ is that it has lots and lots of guitar solos. Each of them is absolutely phenomenal and despite their length and frequency they never outstay their welcome. It’s the musical equivalent of Mr. Creosote, Robbo leaves you absolutely stuffed… it’s the famed Motörhead overkill albeit in a different way.

“And finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin solo”.

“No, fuck-off I’m full”.

That’s the effect ‘Another Perfect Day’ has on some. One of humanities many quirks, I can’t really understand why anyone wouldn’t want Robbo flailing away on every album is beyond me. This isn’t a faceless Iced Earth lead guitarist hammering up and down his scales on a death metal album, this is Brian Fucking Robertson, and his guitar is a weapon. Actually putting just how great he is on this album is difficult, I simply find myself uttering phrases such as “vaguely chorused melodic flail of psychedelic wisdom”, “canyon wide vibrato”, “whiskey drenched impending sonic hard-on” and generally dwelling on the sad fact that Robbo cut his lovely curly hair… but it seems he was no Samson. As a Lizzy fan I appreciate this album on another level too, it’s Robbo’s ‘Bad Reputation’ in which he gets to prove that he can go solo by, ahem, soloing (though Robbo did contribute some guitar to the aforementioned Lizzy album, see ‘Opium Trail’ for another blazing solo, you know you want to!)

‘Another Perfect Day’ sees Motörhead branching out into more melodic territory and in stunning fashion too. The title track is a weirdly beautiful song, with an almost delicate guitar intro. Using my acute sense of listening I can get a really strong ZZ Top vibe here. That opening strange guitar tone? Go listen to ‘Degüello’ to see where they nicked it from. But better still is that Robbo actually outdoes Billy Gibbons with his slow burning bluesy solos. Lemmy’s lyrics are absolutely phenomenal, but that really isn’t much of a surprise given it’s Lemmy of a certain vintage. But still it’s one of his best sets ever, really giving a certain booze-soaked beauty to the whole thing. A unique Motörhead song and something special on a very special album. This is one of the things that persistently pisses me off about Motörhead, when a clueless prick and possible Opeth fan says “Motörhead? It all sounds the same to me”. By God, listen to this song and then say ‘Orgasmatron’ and tell me it’s all the same. Don’t make me beat you with the CD case.

It’s perhaps the fantastic Joe Pentagno artwork that exemplifies the stylistic change on ‘Another Perfect Day’ best; it’s the same beast just more colourful. A song like ‘Back at the Funny Farm’ shows this wonderfully, it’s a Motörhead rocker – tried and true – but the execution is somewhat different. Surely you can guess something different is going on when we get that little guitar twiddle before the well-worn opening bass salvo. I suppose in a way ‘Back at the Funny Farm’ harkens back to Lemmy’s Hawkwind days *make sure to insert witty daze joke for final review* it’s strangely psychedelic and Robbo’s solos take on a Hendrixy vibe, which is fucking excellent. I could actually hum you each of the solos in this song, as they’re all immensely memorable, for the purposes of this review however, I won’t. Again it’s that sublime melodic craft, with a really racy feel that just sucks me in. Robbo really uses effects pedals as an extension of his playing rather than an “I bought a multi-effects pedal, look at it improve my playing!” sort of thing. Guess who else did that? No not, Vim Fuego…Hendrix! That’s right, turns out if you want to capture the actually feeling of a player you have to use your imagination rather than just bash away. Sorry John Mayer, the results are in and you fucking suck.

What with my persistent banging-on about the solos you could be forgiven for thinking that ‘Another Perfect Day’ isn’t a song-centric record, as per usual, you’d be wrong. If anything ‘Another Perfect Day’ is a more commercially minded Motörhead record than anything that preceded it. ‘I Got Mine’ exemplifies this perfectly; it’s a strident and melodic number with a gorgeous hooky chorus. It moves forward at a wonderful pace, the key and tempo change give a great sense of dynamics. That’s right, pop song writing it just happens to be very loud pop… which in an onomatopoeic sense sounds about right. Did someone say nominal solo analysis? Ok, if I must. Robbo pulls out some wonderful honky slide guitar on this one and at 2:30 we get an accent that sounds like a tweeting bird! Ace!

Given the lighter feel of this record Philthy – in his last ever truly great performance – adapts his playing. He doesn’t play as heavily as he did on the previous albums and this lighter touch works fine. Philthy’s performance is still a very energetic one and he’s doing what all great drummers do – adapting his style to fit the music. Remember how you’re playing together not against one another?

Interestingly enough, there is some other material that is unreleased from this era. I heard a bootleg from Switzerland from the arse-end of the ‘Iron Fist’ tour in 1982, and it featured another Robbo era track that I can’t remember the name of. It wasn’t up to the standard of the stuff on here but still an interesting listen for the obsessive compulsive Motörhead fan… I wonder what Würzel is doing right now?

A lot of bands with long careers have their bizarre wild-card albums a lot of them are absolute stinkers, Motörhead being Motörhead have a fucking fantastic one. It seems ‘Another Perfect Day’ is another one of those fan-favourite underdogs that ’83 seemed to have a lot of. You know, the ones spoken of in the dingiest corner of the dingiest hairy pubs in your town. Certainly don’t hesitate in picking this one up, I did and it was the stupidest fifteen minutes of my life. Honestly, I considered buying a Zakk Wylde era Ozzy album instead! Ha.