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Top shelf stuff - 88%

a8o, September 7th, 2005

How do you review a Motorhead album? They all tear the guts out of rock and roll getting better the louder they're played

The opener "The One to Sing the Blues" owns, but "I'm So Bad" is really where the album starts, fast and loud and everything in between a Motorhead song needs to be. We don't even have to wait long for the next monsters "Going to Brazil" a live staple for a reason, "RAMONES" and "Shut You Down"...fuck I don't know what to say, two in a row.

But there's a little *gasp* variation here amid these songs. A song like "1916" doesn't exist anywhere else in the Motorhead catalogue, some organs and solemn lyrics lamenting war and death. "Nightmare/Dreamtime" is an interesting little track carried by Lemmy's vocal presence.

While the casual Motorhead fan really only need "Ace of Spades" and "Overkill" (perhaps "Hammersmith" too), the forgotten classic is "1916", a fucking beasts so what more is there to say? The band that strings a few chords together and makes a song as fresh as the most inventive prog.