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I wanted Lemmy to autograph this one because... - 92%

StoneDeadForever, May 19th, 2003

This album, like Lemmy says himself, is a classic. The album itself is musically satisfying, and the songs individually could survive on their own as a single. "The One to Sing the Blues" is a most excellent way to start 1916. "I'm So Bad" is a fun, fast-paced song that plays in the background while you tip your hat to your one-night stand. "No Voices In the Sky," another fun 'n fast one, could be considered a heavy punk song, what with it's anti-wealth/religion/politics message. "Going to Brazil" definitely reflects Lemmy's love for good ol rock 'n' roll, with it's 50/60's era piano and guitar playing. "Nightmare/The Dreamtime" is a nice soothing (one of the few times "soothing" can describe a Motorhead song) and a nice one to listen to if you're having problems sleeping, as long as you can ignore Lemmy's creepy little gnome grumbles. "Love Me Forever" is a nice little ballad, though not one of Lemmy's lyrically strongest. Being a resident of SoCal, I love Lemmy's lyrics to "Angel City," but I also enjoy it because I can't listen to it without thinking of a lounge-like version of it. "Make My Day" is another classic, and i personally enjoy it's ever so catchy chorus. You better focus real hard or you'll miss "RAMONES," which took me a total of two minutes to learn it on guitar. "Shut You Down" doesn't really have anything special to it, but it's still a catchy and groove-like, so I don't skip it. Then, finally, we have the actual song "1916." This song will not only make you choke on your tears, make you want to celebrate Memorial Day early and wonder why it wasn't on the credits to Saving Private Ryan. So cheers Lemmy! This is probably the best album the four peice Motorhead ever made (unless you count Sacrifice since Wurzel left after the recording).