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A very positive surprise - 82%

kluseba, February 3rd, 2011

When I checked out this album I expected another conservative retro rock record without any surprises as the trend heavily heads in this direction with the recent success of "Bullet" or "Airbourne" but this album blew me away in a very positive way.

Ten dirty rock'n'roll pearls are in this little treasure that is very well produced and sounds fresh without taking the energy and edgy style of the single songs. That is really rare to find and hear nowadays and rates this album really up.

Even though this album is quite catchy and has the typical Motörhead trademarks, there are some bits of surprising elements in many of these songs that keep the relative diversity quite elevated. From the dark groove monster "Brotherhood of man" up to the punk rock smasher "Bye bye bitch bye bye" the band tries out many different kind of little style change gimmicks.

My favourite song is the great opener "Born to lose" that takes no prisoners from the beginning on and has a really amazing and memorable main riff, a really tight and energizing drumming and some surprising licks and breaks here and there. This song perfectly represents the band with all its trademarks and still sounds fresh. Lemmy is not the egocentric star in here as the other two band members rock as much and are part of this energizing and vibrating sound that dominates the whole album. Many people often forget about that and I think that the three musicians seem to have the same passion and ideology and collaborate in harmony.

All in all, this album contains forty minutes of sweat, blood and passion. This album is pure rock'n'roll and rocks more than any ambitious retro rock band out there. While songs of "Airbourne" or "Bullet" all quite the same after only two or three albums, this band is still kicking ass after twenty studio records in over thirty five years. Maybe they are following the same formula and normally this is something I rather don't like but Motörhead is one of the rare bands that have created a somehwat perfect brand over the years that nobody would like to get changed. This is truly legendary.