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Another Day, Another Solid Motorhead Album - 90%

Twisted_Psychology, April 14th, 2012

It is always hard to write a unique-sounding Motorhead review, especially if it's for one of their more recent albums. The band has undergone some evolution over the years, but every review seems to revolve around the idea that nothing in the band ever changes. However, this particular album is made unique by its form of distribution more than anything else. While it received standard distribution in most of the world, it got an exclusive release in the UK through Classic Rock magazine.

For the most part, this album's sound plays out like an extended version of 2008's Motorizer. Like that album, this release has a particularly gritty production job. But at the same time, it also shows the band moving away from the blues influence that was prominent on previous tracks. But like every other Motorhead album, what really makes this effort enjoyable is the band's energy. Despite the members' advancing ages, they are more intense than just about every other band out there and breathe a lot of life into what could have been otherwise typical songs.

As expected by the band's energy, a majority of the songs on here range from fast-paced borderline thrashers to upbeat rockers. The closing track, Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye, might be the strongest track on here and hearkens back to 2004's Inferno in terms of speed. Of course, there are some mid-tempo tracks on here that attempt to show variety. Opener Born to Lose (Not to be confused with an earlier song with a similar title) is a grinder with a riff not unlike Shoot You In The Back, Rock 'N Roll Music plays out like a modern version of Born to Raise Hell, and Brotherhood of Man could be seen as the latest update of the immortal Orgasmatron.

Overall, this is another good Motorhead album that I would put on the same level as Motorizer in terms of the band's recent releases. They might never write anything as intense as Inferno ever again, but they can keep writing energetic anthems like this for all I care! But I suppose things could be interesting if the band went for a slower direction in the future. It's been hinted at before and managed to sound promising on the band's recent Ace of Spades re-recording. In the worst case scenario, the new movie about Lemmy should be worth watching.

Current Highlights:
Born to Lose, Waiting For The Snake, Rock 'N Roll Music, Brotherhood of Man, and Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye.

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