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a very consistent and heavy Motorhead LP - 82%

UltraBoris, June 3rd, 2004

It's tough to classify what exactly Motorhead is - at the same time, they are both one of THE most over-the-top bands out there, but their metalness is sometimes borderline. Their formula seems to be one-half metal, one-half punk, one-half rock 'n roll, and yes, that does indeed add up to three-halves of a band, and that's a conservative estimate for their sheer raw power.

That said, this is one of Motorhead's most unequivocally METAL albums. Lots of nifty riffage, ranging from midpaced headbanger stuffs to all-out speed metal. While the album isn't quite as much a kick to the face as their absurdly cool live albums (especially No Sleep 'til Hammersmith), it is quite possibly their heaviest studio album.

Highlights... probably Order/Fade to Black, with its alternation of midpaced and fast sections, or the uncommonly catchy Dog Faced Boy. Silly song title, but what a great song. The opener, Sacrifice, is an excellent mood setter... usually if you have any claim whatsoever to being a speed metal band, then it's the opener that's the fastest, loudest, heaviest, most over-the-top song on the album, but in this case, the opener is a midpaced basher, and the over-the-topness is distributed evenly throughout the whole album.

Don't Waste Your Time is another excellent song; one that sums up their three aspects as mentioned before... metal, punk, and rock 'n roll. The basic melody and rhythm could be Chuck Berry, circa 1958. The rough attitude could be the Ramones, circa 1976. Then the distortion and heaviness could be Overkill, circa 1984. Motorhead are the masters of taking good old rock 'n roll, and supercharging it to absurd amounts of intensity. Lemmy's been around forever, and he certainly wears his influences on his sleeve. Motorhead is timeless music; they mercifully don't feel the need to evolve or downtune or wear baggy pants. They struck gold once, so why unstrike it?

The album really finishes on a Hell of a bang: In Another Time is a fast, hard, loud, punkish speed metal number, and Out of the Sun starts off with a little bass-driven section, and then goes into another fast wrecker with a killer solo, then a little interlude, and then, like the second coming of Overkill, it comes back to life with ANOTHER set of solos - first bass, then one more guitar shredder.

Speaking of the bass, this being Lemmy, it's always very prominent. Since Lemmy was a guitarist the first howevermany years of his career, the bass has always been used as either a riff monster or the occasional lead instrument, as opposed to the traditional low-end. There isn't very much low-end here, with most of the sound being saturated in the middle frequencies. Lemmy's vocals are an acquired taste - I for one think they're a brilliant tribute to nicotine. The production is very clear, the distortion very much over the top, just like it should be, and of course the whole thing just fucking rocks.

Killer album - 100%

Rolly, September 28th, 2002

Sacrifice is one of my favorites, if not THE favorite album. The sound is quite special, at first I didn't like it, the guitars sounded a bit "wooly", but it took me a couple of years to discover what a great album this is.

The titelcut, 'Sacrifice' is like being hit by a freigth train. Mikkey Dee's awesome drumming just nails you to the wall, it's aggressive and right in your face. I think this is one of the albums that really emphasize Mikkey's drumming.

The songs on this album varies a bit on this one too, while 'Sacrifice' is brutal, 'Over Your Shoulder' is mid-tempo and heavy. All in all this is quite a heavy album. LIke many of the other albums Motorhead have released, it shows good quality songs. Well written lyrics, often with a war-theme, unjustice and free speech.

'Make 'em Blind' is also one of my favorites, again I have to mention Mikkey's drums, they're so fascinating and is an important part of this song.

'Don't Waste Your Time' stands out as a real rock'n'roll song with a boogie guitar, saxophone and piano. But it sounds quite heavy regardless of these not-so-metal instruments.

The last song on this album 'Out Of The Sun' is a killer too, melodic and strong, it opens a bit discreet and then suddenly the amps are turned to 11.
As already stated I like the whole album, but the songs that I've mentioned here are my favorites.

Buy this album if you don't have it. It'll raise your roof, mine is gone.....