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Only way to hear this is when it's good and loud! - 87%

StoneDeadForever, May 24th, 2003

Overkill...several things come to mind when you hear this word. A band? More than likely. Stupid $40 pants at Hot Topic? Perhaps. But, when I hear this word, this album is the first thing that pops into mind. This album is a landmark, a beginning, and a revolution all in a nice little package! Out of all the "Eddie albums," this one is my favorite. The album is so great, Lemmy could've only put out the title-track and it probably would've sold just as well. IT'S THAT DAMN GOOD!

"Overkill" -Like I said...(side note: the "third solo-ending" is my favorite out of the three.)

"Stay Clean" -I really like the Hammersmith version more, mainly because this one seems slower.

"Pay Your Price" -Personal favorite for some reason. I just really like the grooviness of it, not to mention the lyrics are enjoyable :)
"I'll Be Your Sister" -I laughed just at the title! The whole song sounds like Lemmy trying anything to get some (and if you listen closely, it also sounds like a rough version of "Shoot You in the Back").

"Capricorn" -Kinda bluesy, and one of the many songs that tell the story of Lemmy's life.

"No Class" -Unlike "Stay Clean," I like this studio version more than the Hammersmith one. This version sounds heavier and the guitar isn't half as sloppy as it is live.

"Damage Case" -Like "Pay Your Price," I like this one mainly for the groovish-feel it has throughout the whole song. At least one of them is still a live staple.

"Tear Ya Down" -For some reason, this is one of those songs you want to listen to while on the road at night. It's very energetic and has that "crash into your front door" feeling to it.

"Metropolis" -This song just doesn't give me the same sense of enjoyment as the others. At least they sped it up on Hammersmith.

"Limb from Limb" -For the first part of the song it sounds like just another bleuser you hear while drinking in some dusty ol' bar. But by the 2:12 mark, BAM! we're getting somewhere! This is raw energy and fun for everyone! I love this song, but it's one of those where you have to be patient and wait for the good stuff.