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Straight forward and catchy - 85%

Nhorf, July 2nd, 2008

Motörhead probably are the metal equivalent of AC/DC: years pass, and they insist to release albums that follow the same structure. While AC/DC deliver bluesy hard rock albums after bluesy hard rock albums, Motörhead deliver straight forward heavy metal albums after straight forward heavy metal albums. That's what you can expect from “Overkill”: a nice straight forward metal album, but nothing more.

The first really distinctive characteristic of Motörhead's sound is the voice of the band's leader, the legendary Lemmy Kilmister. On this album he reaches his peak, vocals-wise, his raw voice fitting the atmosphere of the record very well. His bass playing is also very present here, he even plays a soft but delicious bass solo on the amazing “Stay Clean”. The guitar playing is very aggressive too, expect great catchy riffs and such. The drumming is pretty decent too, but nothing more.

As for the songs, all of them are pretty damn catchy (I can remember the choruses of EVERY tune of this album, and I haven't to it for months!), and that's a good but, at the same time, bad thing. Good because memorability and catchiness are essential for a record. Bad because since all the songs follow the same structure and are focused on the choruses, the record turns out not to be that varied. This lack of variety really is the biggest flaw of “Overkill”, unfortunately.

Highlights? The title track is a classic, an amazing opener, with some nice double bass parts and raw riffage. “Stay Clean” probably is my personal favourite though, got to love that chorus and the little and tasteful bass solo. “Capricorn” is not as fast as the other songs of the album but still is another highlight. “No Class” is good too and so is “Damage Case”, probably the heaviest song of the bunch. Finally “Limb from Limb” closes the album and it is another fine tune. All the other songs are just average, my least favourite of all the tunes is “I'll be your Sister”, I just hate that stupid chorus and lyrics.

Anyways, if you like your metal memorable, straight forward and relatively fast, get this record. The durability and variety of it are big problems though, and those are the reasons why I don't give it a better rating. A competent catchy metal album, after all.

Best Moments of the CD:
-the beginning of “Overkill”.
-the bass solo on “Stay Clean”.