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An Unsung Classic - 95%

corviderrant, March 23rd, 2004

I am totally surprised that nobody has reviewed this album on this site! This was one of the albums that really got me going over Motorhead, along with "No Remorse" among many others. It has everything you could ever want from Lemmy AKA "God" & Co.; loose, bluesy, Bo Diddley-inspired riffing (most of Lemmy's riffs are variants on that classic syncopated 4/4 rhythm), devastating crunch and wailing solos from the dual guitar tandem of Phil Campbell and Wurzel, Pete Gill's thundering double kick drumming, Lemmy's utterly unique vocals snarling out lyrics of violence and mayhem..what's there not to like?

The only reason this did not get 100 is the production, as Bill Laswell didn't quite have the right idea as to how to capture this raging locomotive (to coin one of their best tunes with this lineup)of a band. As a result, the sound is thinner than I prefer, but you can still hear everything perfectly well, especially Lemmy's trademark Texas chainsaw bass massacre!

Standout tracks...umm, the whole album? OK, my faves: "Deaf Forever", "Claw", "Mean Machine" (total speed metal madness!), "Riding With The Driver", "Doctor Rock", and naturally the monolithic title track, which rides in on an ominous, spine-chilling wave of feedback and noise and segues into one of the best songs Lemmy has ever written, with that ultra-heavy bass riff anchoring the tune, and some of his best lyrics concerning war and politics: "I hold a banner drenched in blood, I urge you to be brave/I lead you to your destiny, I lead you to your grave" Evocative and shiver-inducing, this one is.

An unsung classic, is "Orgasmatron", and you need it, plain and simple.