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So good... - 75%

electric27, July 22nd, 2004

... just listening to it will drive you to a life of alcoholism! Another heapin' helping of Motörhead's brand of thick, meaty metal. This puppy begs to be cranked as you speed down the highway in a nice '82 Trans Am.

So let's get right down to the bad part before I launch into what makes this album kick ass. The first four songs made me cream my pants in a metalgasm of unheard of proportions. But after that the album lost me. The songs all have awesome titles like "Life's a Bitch" and "Whorehouse Blues". But both these songs are pretty average, along with a lot of the other ones.

Okay, now why I like this beast. First of all, LEMMY! Duh. I love his voice, I can't get enough of it, all gravely and such. The vocals are well done, and there's plenty of subtle harmony to thicken the vocals and bring them out without making them too loud. Oh yeah, speaking of loudness, I'd just like to comment on the production real quick. I really like it. Not too overproduced. Lemmy's bass sounds a little cleaner that usual. The drum tone is "big" without drowning everything the fuck out. The guitar tone is sludgy and tasty. All the levels are perfect.

Lemmys bass work is pretty standard "play along with the guitar" stuff, which is for the best since Motörhead plays as a three piece. The bass just needs to "fill things out". Speaking of fills, Lemmy throws some nice little bass fills in, especially in "Killers". Good touch.

Guitar riffs are at best catchy as hell and at worst slightly annoying. None of the solos are anything to write home about but they're generally short and don't really get in the way.

The drumming is solid. Nothing you wouldn't expect on a Motörhead album. There's really not much else to say.

Overall, this album would be purely average were it not for "Terminal Show", "Killers", "In the Name of Tragedy" and "Suicide", which are not only heavy and blisteringly fast, but catchy and well-written. Oh yeah, but the lyrics for "In the Name of Tragedy" are a little dumb (but hearing Lemmy rhyme "funky" and "monkey" is kind of funny). These aforementioned songs bring this album up from average to solid. So it gets a solid 75.