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They Still Got It! - 100%

corviderrant, September 18th, 2004

Ohh, hell yes! Lemmy is older than my Dad and he is still the High Priest of the Church of Motorhead, Keeper of the Sacred Rickenbacker 4001 Bass of Destruction and the Sanctified Marshall Bass Stacks of DOOM!!! This CD shows proof positive that he is not growing mellow with age--in fact, he is still spitting venom with fire blazing in his eyes and beating holy hell out of his bass. Liberal injections of punk and speed metal-influenced riffing plus a staggering Steve Vai solo on the opening track ("The Terminal Show", and since when does Vai never play less than brilliantly?) insure that this album will crush your skull into pulp with every listen and you will come back for more every time.

"Fight", "The Terminal Show", "Killers" and "In The Name Of Tragedy" are especially ass-whomping tracks on a seriously murderous album. The production is perfect, also, not as cloudy as it was on "Hammered" ( a great album regardless of popular opinion); the crunching guitar is perfectly balanced against the bass, which sounds like an amped-up Harley motorcycle as always, and Mikkey Dee's drums boom and crack with thunderous power under it all. And I love the ending track, an acoustic country blues tune with witty and droll lyrics as only Lemmy can write. He's been around long enough that he can do whatever he wants, right? Right, and it still works and has integrity because of its rootsy feel and downhome sensibility--this is no cheesey acoustic ballad. This is a Motorhead album, you do not buy it for clean and clear cookie cutter shite; you get it for ultra-scuzzy bluesy boogie on speed, which is the majority of this album anyway other than the aforementioned speed metal & punk influences (and Motorhead are acknowledged universally as the spiritual fathers of speed metal and a major influence on second wave UK punk anyway, so why not include the styles that they pioneered and add their own little twist to it!)

These guys are tight, they're veterans, and if you don't know what to expect by now, what kind of metalhead are you? Get this and learn that growing old does not mean losing your edge!