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Lemmy is God (clichéd but true) - 85%

SatanLaughs, June 23rd, 2004

Well, Lemmy and crew have released their most recent effort, Inferno. And despite what some naysayer may claim this album is just as good, if not better, than their so called classics. Motorhead, like many other bands that have lasted as long, are often accused of becoming stale or washed up. And while this is often true of lesser bands, Motorhead have proven again and again why they deserve to be among the ranks of the metal gods.
The CD is far from experimental or original but is a typical dose of Kilmister glory. The songs hit you hard and fast and keep up the catchy hooks and riffs through their entirety. The blues influence does show through a bit more than on past releases but that actually adds to the album, giving it more depth than would possibly be expected on a Motorhead release. Songs like “Keys to the Kingdom” emphasize this strengthening of the blues influence more than any others (except for track 12, more on that later). While Keys isn’t as fast a song as the typical Motorhead tune it is catchy and well crafted. You cant help but start bobbing your head in approval. The rest of the album truly moves at breakneck speeds and overshadows many of Motorheads past accomplishments. “Terminal Show” ( with accompanying guitars by Steve Vai) and “In the Name of Tragedy” could easily have become the songs most associated with this band if they were on earlier albums instead of “Ace of Spades”. In my opinion they are easily that songs’ equal. The CD follows the standard Motorhead format by adding a few songs here and there that slow the tempo and break the atmosphere created by the constant wailing guitar and raspy vocals but not to the point that the mood of the album departs from riotous and raucous, but just enough to give the listener a pause and anticipate the next full on audio assault.. This is truly a marvelous album and should be put on the “must buy” list of any Motorhead fan.
Now on to the rumored “blues” song that was supposedly on Inferno. Well, it was more than a rumor. The album ends with “Whorehouse Blues”, a touching song about life and sex that would sound more fitting on a Johnny Cash CD. Despite this radical departure of style the song fits in strangely well. It keeps a fast pace (for blues inspired country) and light attitude and has an unmistakably Motorhead feel to the lyrics with a chorus that proudly declares that “You know we aint too good looking/But We are satisfied/No we aint never been good looking/But we are satisfied/We shoulda opened a little whorehouse honey/get a little booty on the side”.