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Classic Motorhead (what other sort is there?) - 85%

theboycopeland, September 24th, 2002

Despite an undeserved reputation for otherwise, Motorhead continue to surprise and delight with every release. Their latest offering is no different, kicking off as it does with the stupendously rifftastic, melodic rocker "Walk a Crooked Mile". This track is truly Motorhead at their finest. The chorus is so melodic it defies belief, yet it still rocks like fuck with an phenomenally groovy bassline. This track alone is worth owning the CD for, although as luck would have it the rest of the CD is damn good too. "Brave New World" has Lemmy berating society and it's ill placed values in his usual inimitable style while "Voices From The War" has the gnarled rocker lamenting wasted lives on the battlefield. There's plenty of the traditional Motorhead swing here too in the shape of "Mine All Mine" and "Dr Love".

The album closes with the furiously paced "Red Raw" followed by the spoken word piece "Serial Killer". The previous reviewer commented that "Serial Killer" was Lemmy talking about how evil he is. That is of course complete cobblers. No one familiar with Lemmy's work could possibly believe Lemmy to be an evil man. The song is in fact a poem describing what might make a killer tick. Lemmy apparently had these lyrics for years but never put them to music.

A great album though and a definite improvement on the disapointing "We Are Motorhead" album.