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Are there really 12 songs on here? - 58%

raZe, October 18th, 2003

Motörhead is a damn cool band. Their music is also cool. But I have one problem with them. Many of their songs sound so alike. Which is why I can't give "Ace of Spades" a higher score.

The album opens with the title track, which is simply blinding! It's my favourite song of theirs, and I'm sure many others feel the same way. The riffs and the lyrics are just insanely cool. Love Me Like a Reptile is also a good song, with a nice riff. Nothing compared to the title track, though. Shoot You in the Back follows the same style as the previous two, only slightly more laidback. And this is where you begin to realize that Motörhead isn't exactly the most varied band out there. Still, it's a good song. Live to Win and Fast and Loose are next, and although they certainly don't stink, the fact that they come after the previous songs makes them a bit tiring. But then, track number six arrives. (We Are) The Road Crew is an excellent song, with an awesome riff and some seriously badass lyrics. Suddenly there is hope for this album! That is, until Fire Fire is played, and the album goes back into a-good-song-but-why-bother mode.

Jailbait stands out a little, luckily, but by now you understand that you're not gonna be surprised by the tracks that comes after. And you don't. Dance is average, Bite the Bullet is more than long enough, despite clocking in at only 1:38, and The Chase is Better Than the Catch is just boring. The album ends with The Hammer, which is only a variation of what has gone before. Good, but unneccesary. The three bonus tracks, Dirty Love, Please Don't Touch and Emergency, give me nothing, and are therefore useless filler material.

I should also mention that the production is very raw, which suits the music, but doesn't add anything special. For all the coolness this band radiates, it can't hide the fact that they write the same songs again and again and again. They almost make AC/DC seem varied. Only almost, though, since that's impossible, haha. As this is by very many considered Motörhead's finest album, I should probably not buy anything else by them. At least I tried.