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Music to crash your car to. - 90%

asklater, December 4th, 2004

Motorhead basically invented thrash metal, and, this record, which originally came out in 1980, played a large part in that. This rerelease, which comes with 3 bonus tracks, clocks in at just over 46 minutes, which, for 15 tracks, averages out to a little over 3 minutes per track.

While the title track is probably Motorhead's most well known song, it actually doesn't stand out too much here, as all of these songs are equally good really. Of course, they aren't radically different, either, but that's not really a bad thing.

In fact, the standout track for me on this one was bonus track Please Don't Touch, a Johnny Kidd and the Pirates cover done in collaboration with then labelmates Girlschool. While I'm not too familiar with the original, which came out in 1959, after all, the cover version is excellent, and perhaps the catchiest song on the whole album. Makes the CD version worth buying even if you own it on vinyl, unless, of course, you own the St. Valentine's Day Massacre EP as well...

The one thing that strikes me about this record is the amount of energy the music has. You really get the impression that the band is giving it all they got, and the energy given off is infectious. Ace Of Spades wouldn't be a good album to put you asleep, although it would provide an adequate soundtrack for a high speed car chase!

The production on this record is far from pristine, although all the instruments can be quite clearly heard, providing that you can tell Lemmy's bass from a guitar, which, with his playing style, isn't always too easy. These guys might not be virtuosos, but they're perhaps the greatest three piece band ever (at least until they became a four piece, anyways). Motorhead has done for thrash what Black Sabbath did for stoner rock/doom metal, and this is essential listening for all speed metal heads.