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Awesome and Weird and stuff. - 90%

caspian, February 15th, 2007

Nadja and Moss- two bands I'd never heard, but I've been eager to get into Nadja for a real long time, and Moss always sounded interesting. Well, based on this split, these two bands should be quite good, although it's not exactly going to be a pleasurable listening experience when I put them on.

Moss's track opens up this split. It's pretty good! Think raw, sludgey, super slow doom, maybe in the vein of a more organic Khanate, or possibly Black Sabbath slowed down lots and lots. And lots. Everything's covered in a thick, bassy haze, and it's real good. It's also quite tormented.. The singer really gets his screeching on, that's for sure, but nonetheless I found it quite entertaining, just full of huge riffs and general massive heaviness.

Nadja is a bit different. It's still long and droney, sure, but it's a lot more opaque and confusing. It's also a lot more rewarding. Maybe it's because I'm real tired right now, but this track is just blowing my mind!! It starts of with this tapped guitar figure and some ambience, and then it gets completely weird, as some strange, only just in time drums come in, some guitars get all nice and fuzzyfeedback starts coming in over the top, the effects get louder, and the sub bass kicks in. It's really freaking weird, but also so so good!! There's not a huge amount of progression, just that the fuzzy guitars get louder and fuzzier. It's really damn strange, not very melodic and not terribly interesting, but I am fully loving it!

So as you can see, I am digging Nadja's track, and I'll get around to buying some of his albums soon. While Moss aren't as weird and blissed out as Nadja, they do great, super extreme sludge/doom stuff that Sunn and Earth fans should definitely dig. This probably isn't super easy to find, so if you can't find it, grab some other stuff by these dudes, it's really good!