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Moss > Cthonic Rites > Reviews > Torwilligous
Moss - Cthonic Rites

Apocalyptic Doom - 80%

Torwilligous, February 16th, 2006

It is difficult to imagine an album more extreme and horrific than Cthonic Rites by Moss. Deconstructed to the point where it barely resembles music, the Moss assault resembles nothing so much as the anguished death throes of a man cut in two and left to die. Musicianship does not exist per se; the riffs are rudimentary in their heaviness, the space left by the endless drone of hyper-distorted, feedback heavy guitar being filled by muffled, crashing drum fills and screams of soul-rending anguish.

This album is not about great solo's, or tunes that you can hum and dance and party to. This is about a thing essential to any good Doom band: atmosphere. With merely a guitar, drum kit and voice these men succeed in creating an ambience so bleak and nihilistic in its skull-smashing heaviness that it can simply transport you to another plane of existence; make no bones about it, Moss is great.

By stripping down the music in this way Moss dodge all real criticism; you will either love this or think it is appallingly boring. Yes, it is simple; yes, it is repetitive. These are also the things which create such a tooth-rattling peice of pure sonic evil. This is stuff that Limp Bizkit fans run from in terror, and is recommended to all those who like Doom.