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Moss > Cthonic Rites > Reviews > Briman72
Moss - Cthonic Rites

Can you get any slower??? - 60%

Briman72, May 11th, 2021

Well here we go again with some extremely slow doom and gloom from England's Moss. I'll make this review short and sweet folks....this is more nauseating putrid slower than shit doom once again. 2 songs in 66 minutes... what did you expect? Shorter songs? No way man. Nothing much had changed from Moss's other releases from the 2000s. The only thing that is some what different is the production. Whoever produced this wanted the guitars mixed way loud and ridiculous because it sounds like they turned it up to 10 at full blast. The feedback between each riff is loud too I'm wondering how loud this must have been in the studio.

Like I said in my other reviews on these guys...these songs are sick and overpowering with the slowness but again way too long. "The Gate" clocks in at 44 minutes...totally unnecessary. If both of these songs had been 10 to 13 minutes it would have been enough. Bands like Cathedral and Winter and Grief had long songs but knew how to keep it in that 8 to 11 minute mark which I feel works for alot of doom metal. I guess bands like Moss and Bunkur tried to be so extreme and write songs that purposely were so long and droned out that's really testing the patience of metal fans.

The riffs are simple but they are powerful as they lay on the feedback in between most of the time. No solos no quiet sections just riffs and bashing cymbals. Moss were a good extreme doom band but could've been amazing had they shortened the longer songs simple as that. The vocals are good very strong black metal raspy type of screams...very tortured sounding as if he's in pain and agony. I always thought the vocals were good throughout their albums...just wish they would've learned to condense their songs down to a reasonable length. Like I said as much as i enjoy longer songs there's a time when you don't have to drag it out beyond 30 minutes. I think if there had been different parts to the epic songs with sections that probably might have been able to carry through for 30 or 40 minutes but that's not the case here. Just hanging on one or two riffs for both of these songs and just like their other lp "Sub Templum" when they had 2 songs that were 20 to 40 minutes on each one. A lot of people would be bored so easily trying to get through these songs even if you're a doom enthusiast it'll severely test your endurance to sit though them. You'll end up fast forwarding through the songs...I know I've done it. That's not good when you have to do that in a long song.

Despite that flaw, I respected this band and thought they were good. I would like to see them reunite in the future though I would hope it would be a return to this style but they could learn to trim the songs to a reasonable length. That would work for them I think.