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Reverend Bizarre (Electric Wizard) - 45%

gasmask_colostomy, June 26th, 2016

I guess Moss are kind of the epitome of the "ugly music for ugly people" slogan and - lady's name aside - 'Carmilla (Marcilla)' sticks rigidly to the twisted grind and snarl of their primitive doom metal. In the same ballpark as bands like Electric Wizard (check out the sideburns for evidence that they have borrowed more than riffs from Jus Oborn), Burning Witch, and especially Reverend Bizarre, these Englishmen are ploughing a relentless furrow of fat distortion and power chords and pounded drums that are smacked like schoolboys by soporific grandfathers.

In a word, this is a slow release, but the songs are not too long by Moss's standards, nor do we edge into drone at any point. Vocals sound slightly distant but drive both songs with a firm hand, sounding on the first song like Peter Vicar of Reverend Bizarre in their gradual but powerful declarative delivery, especially when they follow the notes of the guitar, then Jus Oborn's more gritty voice on the second. Even the melody that pops up in the middle of the title track has echoes of the brassy tone that was used on the first RevBiz album, while the nasal quality of the bass provides a driving force that pushes the music along like a huge turd out of a small anus.

What seems regrettable about this release is not that the quality is poor, but rather that there isn't really anything on offer that couldn't be found elsewhere. The songs are both structured reasonably and sound neither too clean nor too dirty, yet the pace is very similar throughout the EP and the style is utterly derivative of older and - it must be said - better bands. Understandably, Moss are revelling in the retro era, producing music that their heroes could have written, but this just doesn't have the spark to make it anything more than mere imitation: there aren't any new ideas, not much excitement, not even any specific atmosphere beyond the usual trudging pace and worried vocals. Completely unnecessary.