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I just can't like this - 20%

PainMiseryDeath, March 17th, 2004

The first I had heard of this band was the Hopeless EP, which was decent enough to satisfy my desire for some melodic death metal. I then sought out the album Exploring New Horizons, which went in a bit of a new direction slowing things down a bit Most of the songs were somewhat bland, and the vocals sounded a lot different, sounding more like doom metal vocals, as well as some folk influenced vocals. The whole cd though, sounded the same and after a few listens became quite boring. I had no need to check out Leaveing the Sawmps, aside from the fact that I have no life and I felt maybe Mortus would do something interesting.

I was wrong. They have changed their sound even more since the Hopeless EP, and moved onto a more nu-metal sound. The first song reminds me of something Mushroomhead would do, especially the vocals. Damnit I just cant like this. Why any band would release an album like this is beyond me. The album as a whole shows little variation (big suprize) and has very few riffs. In fact the riffs that it does have, are simple, boring, unmemorable, and altogether lame. The clean vocals are horrible as well, do not get this - 20%